Smooth lines of organic fluid shapes are trending, with wavy designs seen across the latest releases of fashion and homewares. As the world around us becomes sharper and life becomes harder, clots of us are looking for comfort to ease our every day.

Soft, soothing, satisfying. The signature wavy-edge shape of the greeting cards in our Cosmique Collection combine unconventional with uplifting to create beautiful, unique greeting cards.

Wavy edge greeting cards from Sister Paper Co

The one-of-a-kind, bespoke shape made just for our Cosmique cards, gives them a sculptural softness that's unique and soothing to the eyes.

Good Vibes birthday card

As we all become more conscious of the environmental impact of purchasing and using items with traditional greeting card finishes like glitters, this presents us with a wonderful design challenge to explore a new dimension of creativity with the shapes of our greeting cards.

Upbeat yet comforting: Cosmique is the vibe we all need. Explore the collection.

April 01, 2024 — Emma Pearce