Women are incredible. That's it, that's the whole blog post. What more is there to say?

To celebrate the fabulous feats of females, International Women's Day is held every year on March 8th, giving us all a reminder that we're surrounded by astonishing humans that deserve recognition.

International Women's Day dates back to the early 1900's, with the first event held February 28 1909 and called simply "Women's Day". Organised by the New York chapter of the Socialist Party of America, the Day aimed to call attention and reinforce women's suffrage demonstrations.

This first event kicked off a global trend, and soon large numbers of countries were joining in, using the Day as a focus point in the fight for equality and women's rights.

Feminist birthday card

In some places these days, International Women's Day is actually a full bank holiday, rewarding everyone with a day off from work. What a treat! For those of us still waiting for their governments to catch up, we have to take it upon ourselves to acknowledge the women around us, and (as you can probably guess) one of our favourite ways to do so is by sending a handwritten message in a gorgeous greeting card.

Our Venus collection of greeting cards is packed full of handpainted designs that celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, championing the feminine form and the strength of our sisters, mothers and besties.

Venus collection

The collection includes designs for birthdays, celebrations, congratulations and just because - all with blank insides for your customers to add their own handwritten message to make the card perfectly personal for the women in their lives. As International Women's Day nears, now's the time to order your luxurious hand painted greeting cards for all the femmes in your life.

Dates for Lads and Enby Babes:
International Men's Day: November 19
International Non-Binary People's Day: July 14

February 26, 2024 — Emma Pearce