Father's Day is creeping ever closer to us on the calendar (June 16!), so we're taking the opportunity to highlight some of our favourite hand painted Father's Day cards that we think you will love.

We've done away with toxic masculinity and have turned our efforts toward championing the modern side of fatherhood in our collection of Father's Day cards, celebrating paternal figures of all kinds. We aim to provide designs within which all types of dads can see a little of themself, with modern artwork and classic colour palettes to reinforce appreciation for the love and support they provide.

For example, our Best Dad Ever Card makes a gorgeous gift for those dads who are men of a few words, rather letting their actions speak volumes. The soft pastel blue background is highlighted by the soft, wavy edges of the landscape card, allowing the stamped gold foil caption say it all.

On the other hand, our Beach Father's Day Card is for the type of dad who loves nothing more than to get out into nature, watching the swell of waves as the wind waves through the palm trees. You can bet there's a frosty cold beverage of some sort nestled in this dad's hand!

Whether the adventures take the form of travelling the world together, or going on journeys through the stories they tell, our Dad Adventures Card is a great way to show appreciation for those dads with an adventurous soul. The stylish arch shape of the card marks it as part of the bestselling Nevada collection of greeting cards.

King of dads card

Protective and proud, the King of Dads Card is inspired by those dads who will do absolutely anything for their kids. The tarot inspired artwork is of a mighty lion and his lil cub, nuzzling together under a sprinkling of stars, making it a perfect design for people of all genders to gift to their father figure.

Father's day card with stars

For those dads who prefer a little less fuss made about them, the Father's Day Stars Card is a minimalist approach that allows the gratitude and love to be shared in a calm and gentle way - perfect as a gift for grandfathers or the strong, silent type.

Of course, there are also the dads who love a bit of a shindig thrown on their behalf, and the Dad Universe Card makes a strong, emphatic statement of one's opinion of their paternal figure. The WHOLE universe!

In line with our values of inclusivity and diversity, this collection of Father's day greeting cards has something for all types of dads - step, adopted, foster, granddad and any other type of paternal relationship imaginable. Which card is perfect for your papa?

Your last order date for Father's Day cards for delivery before Father's Day is Tuesday 11 June.

May 08, 2024 — Emma Pearce