Wedding season is upon us! As the weather gets warmer and those rainy days become less frequent, more and more happy couples will be walking down the aisle to become legally married. This means we’re getting ready to celebrate love, and to congratulate the newlyweds on the next phase of their relationships with a stunning wedding card.

All of our wedding cards are blank on the inside, so you can write your own personal message of congratulations to the pair - but we know that sometimes finding the right words to fill that blank space can be trickier than expected, so we’ve put together this guide on what to write in a wedding card to give you some inspiration.

What to Write in a Summer Wedding Card

As the radiant sun sets over the horizon creating silhouettes of palms trees, the newlyweds tear off into their future together on our Adventure Wedding Card, with the stylish arch shape marking the design as part of our Nevada collection of greeting cards. 

What to write ina wedding card

This card is perfect for those couples who love sharing new experiences, so your message inside the card could build on the caption “And so the adventure begins”. 

Message: “It has been an honour to watch your relationship grow over the years and I can’t wait to see what you’ll get up to next. Here’s to a lifetime of adventures together!”

What to Write in a Gay Wedding Card

The soft pastel background of this gay wedding card is accompanied with the comforting wavy edges, giving an overall soothing and minimalist vibe that is highlighted with luxe stamped gold foil details and simple caption reading “Mr & Mr”. 

Gay wedding card for grooms

This wedding card is perfect for those classy couples celebrating in style, and could be paired with an equally thoughtful and chic message.

Message: “A love like yours is hard to find, everlasting and full of joy. Enjoy this beautiful moment in time knowing you have many beautiful years ahead of you!”

What to Write in a Lesbian Wedding Card

This simple lesbian wedding card shimmers with golden details against a soft peach background: confetti raining over the glimmering “Mrs & Mrs” caption in luxe stamped gold foil. 

A Mrs and Mrs lesbian wedding card from Sister Paper Co.

The trending wavy edges of the card add an extra dimension to the design, creating a luxurious feel perfect for elegant brides.

Message: “Simply radiant! I can’t imagine a couple more deserving of such a stunning day of celebrations. Take care of each other - you’re wives now!”

What to Write in a Non-Gender-Conforming Wedding Card

For those couples who lie outside the gender binary, we suggest our design with a hand-lettered “congrats newlyweds” caption - a simple statement made stunning thanks to the luxe stamped gold foil. 

A wedding card featuring luxe stamped gold foil details from the Cosmique range of greeting cards from Sister Paper Co.

This elegant gender-neutral wedding cards is perfect for those couples where less is more; where poetry is found in brevity.

Message: “To eternal love”

What to Write in a Wedding Card for a Friend

The towering stack of champagne glasses on this congrats wedding card are an homage to the type of friends who are tying the knot both because they love each other, and as an excuse to throw a massive party.

Champagne Wedding Card


Here’s a suggestion for what to write in a wedding card for a friend or couple that aren’t overly romantic or sentimental.

Message: “Congratulations on your big day! I hope it was everything you could have dreamed of…and thanks for the free champagne!”

What to Write in a Wedding Card when Giving Money

Gifts of money are becoming more and more common these days as couples begin to build their lives together long before they walk down the aisle, and would rather support towards a honeymoon or purchasing their first home instead of another toaster.

Wedding confetti on a modern wedding card from the LGBTQ wedding card collection at Sister Paper Co.

This minimalist wedding card is perfect for the couple who already has solid foundations, and will use your generous cash gift to help build their “happily ever after”, as the card caption reads.

Message: “To the happy couple on their wedding day: the best days are yet to come!”

What to Write in a Tarot Wedding Card

To the couple who loves everything a little bit mystical, we have tarot wedding card designs inspired by the tarot deck - pulling this card no doubt means there is overwhelming joy for the newlyweds!

Swans Wedding Card

The gender-neutral and romantic hand-painted artwork of smitten swans on this design is perfectly paired with a passionate and whimsical message.

Message: "The Major Arcana reveals an incoming flow of devotion, lust and positive energy for those newly entwined for eternity. Embrace this moment!"

By taking inspiration from these suggestions of what to write in a wedding card and adding some of your own personal touches, the happy couple are guaranteed to appreciate your thoughtful gift. 

May 20, 2024 — Emma Pearce