We're proud to introduce our beautiful new collection of birthday and occasion cards - Golden.

Featuring gorgeous gleams of glistening gold foil, the greeting cards in the Golden collection are a dazzling way to celebrate life’s accomplishments and special occasions. The luxurious, high quality cards feature hand-painted designs outlined in stamped gold foil, perfect for the opulent soul.

Each artwork has been individually created by hand, inspired by the simple beauties of everyday life as well as the creativity of mankind. You'll find soft and loose ink lines depicting a delightful birthday brunch, a golden leap of leopards welcoming an adorable new family member, and a gently smiling sun with glowing rays of birthday magnificence.

The imagery of decorated ceramic vases and classic statues depicted on the Work of Art Birthday Card nods to the enduring and timeless artistry of ancient Greece, with the stamped gold foil emphasising the creative splendour.


Work of Art Birthday card from Sister Paper Co.


Manifest a restful and relaxing birthday with the gently waving leaves and tranquil floral imagery of the Serene Floral Birthday Card. Or, send a meaningful note of gratitude with the understated simplicity of the Just A Note To Say Card.



In line with our commitment to sustainability, the Golden collection of greeting cards have been produced with the environment in mind. Our manufacturing partner is the first foil company to be ZeroFoil2Landfill compliant, meaning the boards and papers remain recyclable even with the shimmering foil finish. 

The Golden collection of greeting cards are ready for shipping now, explore the whole collection.

January 08, 2024 — Emma Pearce