At Sister Paper Co. we create empowering and dreamy illustrated cards, gift wrap and art prints.

Our greeting cards are for diverse, relatable and modern card sending occasions - In our collections you'll find gender neutral greeting cards to celebrate the birth or adoption of new babies, rainbow love hearts to celebrate all the wonderful kinds of love, alongside plenty of beautiful bodies and a touch of wondrous magic. 

You can find our products in beautiful lifestyle boutiques, bookshops and independent concept stores across the world.

From our luxury quality wrapping paper to beautiful art prints of our most popular artworks all our products are created with care and attention at every stage of their journey.

At Sister Paper Co. we're dedicated to representation, whether you're sending a card to a passionate feminist, a best friend or you’re manifesting good vibes for a special occasion - we value everyone being able to find a part of themselves on one of our greeting cards. We hope to help you share your unique story.

Glimpse into our studio

Sister Paper Co. Founder and Designer, Emma Pearce.
The hands of Sister Paper Co Founder, Emma Pearce, holding the gouache paint used to make the hand-painted greeting cards.

Proudly female owned and operated from our London home studio, Sister Paper Co. was launched in 2021 by founder and designer Emma. All our collections begin their life as an original ink or gouache artwork hand-painted by Emma, even the unique lettering you'll find on our greeting cards is created by hand.

Emma has been awarded The Henries ‘Most Promising Young Designer’ award and named one of Stationery Matters ‘30 Under 30 Stationery Influencers’.

“I’m inspired to create products that empower strong female friendships and foster genuine connections.”


In 2022, Sister Paper Co. received two Paper Awards nominations and in 2023 received another nomination in the Emotive Design category. Our greeting cards have been shortlisted for four prestigious Henries awards including the 'Diversity & Inclusion' Award.

Read more about our awards and accolades.

Sustainably MADE

We value sustainability and minimising the impact our products make on the environment. All our products are created in small batches here in the U.K and we're committed to only using paper from FSC-certified sustainable forests. Our studio is powered by energy from renewable sources, all our packaging is bio-degradable or compostable and all our products are recyclable.