We value the sustainability and minimising the impact our products make on the environment.

All our products are printed in small batches in the U.K.

Sustainable Papers

We're committed to only using paper from FSC-certified sustainable forests, this includes our luxury G.F Smith greeting card papers and our greeting card envelopes. All our packaging and products are recyclable in curb-side recycling and are compostable. Unlike most gift wrap our wrapping papers are also compostable and recyclable in curb-side recycling.

Where our products are finished with shimmering foils, they remain recyclable as the boards and papers are repulpable. Our manufacturing partner for our foils is the first foil company to be certified as ZeroFoil2Landfill compliant.

Vegan Friendly

All our boards, packaging and foils contain no animal ingredients or animal by-products, no known animal-derived GMOs or genes in the manufacturing process, and haven’t been tested on animals.

Renewable Power

Our home studio is powered by energy from renewable sources.

Packaged with Care

Unlike others, we don't wrap our greeting cards in cellophane - our cards are shipped naked in a protective, recycled, board-back envelope to reduce waste. Where you find our greeting cards in store they may be wrapped in bio-based, compostable Nativia film.

For orders heading to our bricks-and-mortar stockists we ship in second-use packaging, reusing packaging and packing paper wherever possible. We always seal our boxes with recyclable, compostable paper tape and protect your orders using paper bubble wrap.

We would love to hear from you about green alternatives and suggestions, get in touch to share your story and ideas.