Earlier this year, we launched our first kids collection, releasing cards for milestone ages 1-4, plus versatile birthday cards alongside coordinating gift wrap. We’re incredibly proud of our kids cards and we have thoughtfully designed the paper products to appeal to children of all genders.

kids birthday cards

Ensuring our kids' birthday cards are gender neutral was an important focus for us, in line with our values of inclusivity and diversity that are reflected across our entire catalogue. We believe that traditional ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ ideas are things of the past - we’d rather give modern kids a menagerie of adorable animals to help them celebrate their big day.

Gender neutral nurseries are on-trend as families search for more environmentally friendly and versatile ways to style their homes. In a radical departure from all-pink or all-blue, millennials are opting for relaxing and modern, unisex colour palettes to create spaces and rooms that flex and adapt with family growth. 

Think that beige, taupe and fawn are oh-so-boring colours? The adorable little animal on our cards and wrap add a tonne of personality and the sweet little faces are sure to make kids smile. 

Age one birthday card

The soft, muted colour palette of the designs finished with the hand lettered numbers and captions provide gentle, inspiring and uplifting vibes that bring joy to all little ones. The papers used for both the gift wrap and cards are of course sustainably sourced FSC-certified stock and all cards are blank on the inside for increased versatility.

Sending a gender-neutral birthday card is a mindful way to ensure any kids will enjoy their gift. Do you know a little one who will love these cards?

April 19, 2024 — Emma Pearce